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We now only get seconds to make an impression.

The industry market has changed over the last 18 months with an incredibly tough labour market and growing consumer demand for delivery.  There is a massive surge in casual dining occasions and this is the movement to watch this year.

The rise of “ghost restaurants” around the globe means massive changes in delivery and outsource catering. This has been in my warnings over the last 18 months to many venues owners and managers but now here we are, ‘in the thick of it all’, one might say.

So, what are the trends to watch for this year?

Where do we go from here? Well, that’s easy:


As our guests have increasingly associated eating out with an opportunity to post on social media, bars & restaurants have raced to remodel stores to boost their “experience” factor.

The experience for me comes in three parts

  1. The food and beverage experience might sound easy and many say I’ve got that. But really it’s an evolution. Regardless of if it’s a 90-day plan, with 4 exciting menus a year, or an ever-changing program.  Many of the new food concepts I’m working on right now are in such a different direction what it’s a complete brand rebuild?

First the Food Brand: So, to really gain power, we have developed the Stonegrill Experience. We take all the great health benefits and theatrics of Stonegrill, together with a world-class presentation, then add over 30 years of food development, giving you options of some of the very best recipe’s.

Next to the Beverage Brand: Stonegrill has some of the best craft beer knowledge and contacts, right through to spirit ranges and our fresh fruit cocktail range. We can help you to reach the greatest levels within the industry.

  1. The design & layout experience begins with redeveloping your front-of-house design and changing your zones with a digital ‘image-conscious’ facelift. If you want to gain new customers then getting the look right regarding the photos taken in the venue are paramount, from lighting to points of interest. ‘Zones of discovery’ help to draw and build any brand.

I have myself a new venue on my draft table. It’s in design right now and I find myself looking more with Instagram & Facebook image creation in mind, I’ve added and designed photo areas and my digital plans have far more emphasis on ‘zones of interest’ and ‘zones of discovery’.

We all know consumers expect more than just a good meal, the experience is everything, so are you developing an even better experience?

  1. The personal experience: We can help you build up any part of your business, from the best in staff training and personal development programs through to systems across our ‘Full Table Touch Program’, ‘sellers Vs Servers’ and ‘Host technology’ training platforms. All available for Stonegrill Experience clients.

PLAN A “Brand in a box”

If you are looking to take an even bigger investment in experience creation, then we have just what you are looking for. Our latest Stone brands are ready now!


SIDECAR Hotstone Custom Pizza and Steak

  • Low staff cost to run and no need for a chef
  • Automated kitchen systems and low maintenance
  • Amazing returns and a brand with the real wow factor

Contact Tony Wheeler +64 (0)21 497 997 or in the USA 1-855-248-6930

CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen

CBK Craft Bar & Kitchen

  • Multiple sites across New Zealand
  • Proven success of six profitable and successful sites
  • The very best in menu & beverage development
  • Complete turn-key business systems

Contact Tony Scott +64 (0)274 343 683

All the best for this month, where ever you are in the world, and if you want more from your experience talk to me. Look out next month as we launch some real wow into the global market


Regards Tony Wheeler

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