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Get your hospitality business ready for a winning 2020 & even stronger 2021

It’s been a couple of weeks since the final fork was stuck into the hospitality industry and if the lock down scared you, the hard truth is that reopening could be even harder. It would be fair to say there is a lot we don’t know. However, there’s also a lot we do know!

It’s time to build a new plan for operating your business successfully in a completely new era. In this blog, we’ll share with you insights in what the new reality will be like post-lock down and how you can prepare and take advantage, using our 40 years of hospitality industry experience, statistics and trends.

Build your brand

The next few weeks and months will be the most important time for building your new businesses and refreshing your brands. If you are just a bar or restaurant and have not yet built a brand, you are very likely to hit the hardest times, so strengthen your brand.  Defined brands will lead the way and be first cab off the rank, be one of them!

The marketing you used before COVID-19 will not work like it used to once we are on the other side, so think differently.

Social distance

Social distancing will be the new norm even after the lock down and it could be for some time to come. Guests and customers will be closer as families and groups after lock down and social events will be stronger. Social zones will be required and need to be more defined than ever if we are to get back in the game. In some cases, it could very well lead to a new design phase. We can help you with cost effective solutions to partition the seating options in your venue.


Key experienced staff will be even harder to find and retain while casual staff could be easier to find for a while. The real issue will not be having heaps of staff, but rather operating with lower staff numbers to match the new turnover which is likely to become our new normal.

As business owners, developers and even as people we have changed. Talk about this with your teams.

Create an experience to remember for your customers

Hospitality operators are experience providers. More than ever, ALL dining and drinking will be an occasion in need of an experience and the best experience providers will win and become market leaders. Fame in food and beverage will be more important than it has ever been, so table theatrics and reactions will be your guide to success like never before.

COVID-19 will be infamous and forever change us globally, but getting our conversations and events away from it will be the order of the day.

The great cash-up will begin. Baby boomers will change and re-write their life and business plans which will include early asset liquidation and planning simpler lives. They will, however, still be looking for social and group interaction and experiences.

Prepare and get ready

Here are some essential steps you need to take to get your business ready. Some you can take during lock down, some you will need to continue post-lock down.

  • Make sure your teams are protected, included flu jabs, healthy habits and even COVID-19 testing completed on any staff that show symptoms.
  • Make sure your healthy rules are not only visible in images and words, but that it’s the new way of life for your teams.
  • Talk to your team about doing what’s right like helping others or giving blood. Make them part of a proud team who are helping New Zealand get back on track.
  • Get PPE (personal protective equipment) products ordered and also write a staff and customer policy for when you reopen.
  • Re-write your marketing plan and be ready to implement it in the coming weeks. If you’re not sure where to start, call us. We can help you with preparation and implementation.

Only the strongest owners will succeed. Stress management, staff development and sticking to your brand are paramount. Owners who do not plan and drive a steady ship will not last. Let us help you get ready and hit the ground running with innovation and excitement! Talk to us about getting ready for a winning 2020 and even stronger 2021.

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