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Get Busy livin or Get Busy Dyin

Get Busy livin or Get Busy Dyin has never been more fitting mantra for the industry we face right now. So give flowers to the living and plan to be prosperous.

You are either planning, developing and re-focusing right now…or you are waiting, “just going to see what happens”, circling the wagons we often call it…but really it’s waiting to die, I don’t mean business closing… I mean zero growth!

The most amazing 4th quarter of 2020 is coming for us! Here in NZ, the roll of the dice has most certainly hit the right spot, gearing up and planning for the next 6 months could make your business legendary. Or if you fail to plan…your business could get left behind.

We will do all we can as New Zealanders to make the most out of the last part of the year, while my US clients go into a cold winter and reportedly some of the worst weather ever, in New Zealand we will be reprograming ourselves to put it all behind us and take time to see the country and enjoy the sun.

This Summer will be one to remember “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever”. Reportedly we will have an amazing summer weather wise and hence enjoy the best summer ever.

Local tourism numbers could be massive for some. A huge ‘after lockdown’ New Year’s Party like we have never seen before will be on the cards, even my mobile stage trailer is booked up this Christmas & New Year’s solid and I’m getting calls from groups I’ve not helped for years. People are gearing up and it’s great to see.

With Father’s Day and several other great events coming up to take us through to Christmas, it’s a great time to be ready. We have great events & kid’s promotions already completed, wrapped and ready, my team have used the small downtime to get right and ready for it all.

We have also doubled down on ALL promotions, doing more and going bigger than ever. I’m so excited to see 300 presents for Father’s Day here are wrapped and ready.  Over 500 Christmas presents are wrapped and stored away, with another 800 ready to be done in the next month or so, and it seems now we have got so much done that my team are now looking to take on more and promote even larger than ever before as we get ready to launch Summer, and I’m all in!

I’m just finishing designing my Fluffy Gin Festival for the month of January 2021,  launching my 2021 fresh fruit cocktail range as part of my summer launch. This year we are doing 3 Carrot cocktails as they led the pack last summer and our new “Strawberry Gin Fizz” is Bloody tasty, can’t wait to hit the market with it..

The Kids menu is getting a new feature dessert, we have redeveloped and rebuild our kid’s programs and puzzle pages, also using some soft animals around the 2021 programs.

So its time to wipe away your winter promotions and start a new, or go way back to old classics.

I’m bringing back some of the old interactive promotions we used to do 8 to 15 years ago, really just because they are fun for staff and guests and that’s the key right now in getting that interaction working.

I have a bunch of new things in testing for Stonegrill and several are really looking good, two of them are killer vegetarian options which I’m super excited about.

Well lots on the go and lots to do, if you are not reaching out I guess you are Getting Busy…one way or the other.

We have always made the very best things happen on the other side of hardship if we plan!

Here are some of the new Stonegrill items that are pushing my marketing to new heights

Stuffed rolled lamb taster                                                                                            Seafood Small plate

300 gm Sirlion steak to SHARE                                                                                  Classic Chocolate Fondue

Slow Smoked meatloaf & hand Cut Fries                                                                 IPA Cheese Fondue

My Biggest premium seller:                                               Lamb Duo, Gratin, vine roasted tomatoes & grilled Asparagus

the Smoked Ribeye and Lobster Pot.

Smoked pepper Sirlion                                                                                                  Deconstructed Beef Wellington

Hope these might inspire you all, as we look down the barrel of the last 100 days till Christmas. Be ready and make sure your business Is a super slick operation

All the best Tony

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