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For your guests, it’s all about the sizzle. For YOU, it’s the complete solution.

Discover STONEGRILL® the unique concept and food system that has captured the interest of diners and restaurateurs around the world. Introducing STONEGRILL® into your venue enables you to offer a unique product and service that no other restaurant in your area can provide. STONEGRILL® reduces overheads, whilst improving business viability and customer satisfaction.

6 outstanding reasons

Outstanding Reasons Why Your Bar, Restaurant or Café will be more profitable using the Stonegrill® System


The STONEGRILL® food service system saves time, labour costs and money. With less prep time, the kitchen labour costs are significantly reduced.


STONEGRILL® produces less waste. Accurate portion control gives you the ability to save up to 25% in meat portion costs.


The innovative STONEGRILL® system increases table turnover and customer spend while creating a unique, quality guest experience. Large groups can be served quickly and effortlessly.


STONEGRILL® delivers your business a distinctive, proven point of difference from your competition. No other hospitality venue can provide the STONEGRILL® experience in your protected area.


Your guests will enjoy the health benefits of fresh, natural produce with no added fats, oils or artificial flavours. Maximum nutrition, true taste, a quality product every time.


Delivering increased turnover with less costs. The STONEGRILL® system is so easy to use, you can serve quality food ‘All Hours’ without the need for a Chef.

5 Dynamic STONEGRILL® Dining Concepts

We have a dining concept to suit you

Ready to transform your business? Whether you’re just starting out, or looking for a refresh, we have a solution that’s a game changer.

An exciting collection of dynamic STONEGRILL® concepts that offer everything you need to create your own unique dining experience. Building on 38 years of industry knowledge, this latest evolution of The STONEGRILL® Experience offers complete turnkey solutions, including menus, graphics, full recipes and processes direct from the team who own and operate successful multi-venue chains. This ground-breaking innovation offers you extraordinary insight into what it takes to develop a successful STONEGRILL® venue.

The unique STONEGRILL® System ensures fast, efficient food service and a healthy, nutritious meal with a sensational taste STONEGRILL®.



STONEGRILL® stones are heated to an optimum temperature of 400deg. This sears food fast to lock in the natural juices and nutrients, while enhancing the flavour and tenderness.



The simplicity of the STONEGRILL® System ensures fast, efficient food service and eliminates peak hour kitchen pressure.



STONEGRILL® stones are chosen for their high latent heat retention. Other types of stone cannot capture and retain the perfect temperature essential for STONEGRILL® cooking.



Cooking with STONEGRILL® your customers are in control. Their steak, chicken and seafood can be cooked to precisely how they like to eat it.



Cooking on superheated STONEGRILL® Stone offers a supremely healthy method of cooking. The unique ‘dry cooking’ method uses no added fats or oils.



With a focus on pure, fresh ingredients, STONEGRILL® dining can be easily tailored for people with specific dietary requirements. This enables you to cater to the wide and ever-changing range of dietary needs, whether it be a current trend or a medical restriction.

Give us 10 mins

Looking for a way to bring WOW to your dining experience?

Like to turn heads as well as profits?

Looking for an edge over the competition?

Give us 10 minutes and we’ll show you a concept that will help you to table awesome food and keep guests coming back for the experience. Every time.

The Stonegrill team have many years’ experience in the restaurant game. We can help you to build menus, marketing plans and all you need to be successful. Gain the competitive edge. Join the Revolution. 10,000 years of evolution and still the finest way to dine!

Introducing this system into your operation can increase your turnover, lower your costs and strengthen your brand.


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