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Mouth watering? Get yourself a table at a venue that offers you the Stonegrill experience.

This unique way of interactive dining boasts the ability to lock in all the juices and nutrients which captures all the mind blowing flavours. With no added fats and oils and all fresh ingredients it is an Insta-hit!

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The Stonegrill is a unique experience that creates the best kind of atmosphere with your family and friends.

Photo: CBK Rotorua


With over 1,020 systems installed in over 95 countries – each venue offers creative menu options that are sure to satisfy.

Photo: Frosty & Fox Hawker House

Add Stonegrill to your menu

It’s time you offered your diners the Stonegrill Experience!

Stonegrill is not only a hit with diners around the world but it also offers a whole bunch of genuine benefits for your business, including having exclusive rights in your area. Click on the button below to find out more or contact us now.

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We’re not a franchise, you run your business as you like. Our foremost interest is the Stonegrill identity through uniformity, quality and presentation – ensuring satisfaction and safety.


The Stonegrill system can be easily integrated, with no down time, into existing venues – large or small, casual or formal dining. With installation and training by experienced personnel.

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