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Thanks so much for you email and for the helpful advise that you gave me over the phone.

With regard to our Stonegrill experience at Southern Cross, my partner and I frequently go to the restaurant just so that we can order the STONEGRILL platters. They are a fantastic way of cooking food and are provide an interactive and creative dining experience – plus they always taste amazing! At Southern Cross they have a wide selection of options to choose from but my partner and I usually get the mix grill that includes a small lean steak, prawns on a skewer with garlic butter and halloumi cheese as well as two sides such as fries and salad, so its really good value for money. The raw food arrives on the side and takes a very short time to cook once you put it on the Stonegrill. They salt the stone for extra flavor but there is no need for any oil because the stone is so hot that nothing sticks to the bottom so it makes for a very healthy meal.

Southern Cross has an outdoor courtyard at the back and we usually eat our Stonegrills out there on a sunny day so it is the perfect summer eating experience – its like having you own personal barbeque.
Its also great to do with a group of friends because you can all share ingredients and have a really fun, social, and interacting dining experience.

The food tastes so much better than if it was served out from the kitchen on a plate because you can eat straight off the Stonegrill which means all the food is freshly cooked and piping hot and as you grill it yourself you can ensure that everything is cooked just the way you like it. It also appeals to the Kiwi style of cooking, that is simple fresh ingredients cooked well and enjoyed in a casual environment – much like a traditional barbeque except everyone is there own grill master!

My partner and I always rave on about the Stonegrills at Southern Cross to friends and family and encourage them to go and try it. Its definitely one of our favorite things to eat in Wellington and on a sunny day you would be struggling to find something that could beat a cool beer and hot Stonegrill outside.

I wish you all the best for your business, I think you’ve really found a little niche in the market that not many people are catering for and it would be great to see more Stonegrill operating in places around NZ.

Thanks again Tony.

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